It is so easy to go with the flow, just floating along in life with everyone else, ordinary, doing anything you please, not making a difference in anyone’s life. If it feels good do it! If it’s popular be in it!  But let me ask you this? It might be easy, it might be fun at the moment, but what will be the end result? When you get to the end of your life and you take an account of what you did with the years that were given you, what can you say, “I sure partied good while I was here!” One thing that really hit me after coming to know the Lord is, “I get one chance at this life, there are no do overs, it’s all or nothing!” So what does that mean? It means I need to swim upstream! Consider the Salmon, he travels from different oceans, swimming from long distances, to come to the one river that he was born from. Then he,  instead of flowing with the current, swims completely against the norm, fighting to get past all the obstacles that are ahead of him.; birds of prey, wolves and bears. But the thing that drives him upstream and to be different, is that he knows that when he reaches his destination that he will produce life for others. His death in the end will have made a difference in so many others that were waiting upstream, starving, ready to give up, discouraged, needing refreshed, needing life.  You see Jesus was a person who swam upstream, and because of Him  dying on the cross, reaching His destination, not going with the norm of the world, He saved the world!  So many people in live that choose to do as Jesus, has made a huge impact in life. Why?  Because they choose to swim upstream! It’s easy to go with the current of this world, be as this world, go see the movies of this world, talk like the world, but the end result is that no one gets helped!  But when we swim upstream and die to ourselves, and stand out as children of God, we can reach the starving, dying world that needs to be refreshed who is waiting upstream for us.  So today will you start swimming upstream and dare to be like Jesus? Is it worth it? Yes!

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  • chris blades  August 30, 2016 at 7:35 pm

    When I left Lake county, Florida, I had hoped things would be better for my son, who was addicted to drugs(not of his liking or choice..because of intense back pain) I thought why not move to another location but in moving here proved to be a fatal one. On April 27, 2016, my son 44, died in his sleep. He was visiting a friend and slipped away. I am truly shocked and feel the pain and torn as to where did my son go when he slipped away that night. I wasn’t there to help him like I always was when he was sick. It hurt me to the core I couldn’t help but he did know who to call on. He knew Jesus died for him because he was raised in church. He knew the way but still in my heart I questioned his relationship with the Lord due to his drug addition. No one really knows what happens to a person when they slip into eternity. No one, unless the Holy Spirit reveals such knowledge as He has not revealed to me, yet. I trust and acknowledge the Lord. I need Him every moment. I’m addicted to His presence. I need Him. I cannot give up because of this event but celebrate Jesus and swim upstream to His calling He gave me when I was in the womb. This is the third loved one I have lost. My father, when I was sixteen, my husband of 30 years and now my young son. How can I hold on? I can’t see going to the world for comfort there is no comfort in the world to turn to. Drugs? Alcohol? Sex? Why? It only leads to a dead end road with trouble on every side. I have seen it in other lives and I say NO Thanks I CHOOSE LIFE and start swimming upstream and die to myself. There’s hurting people out there who need Jesus.

    • Sharon Atkinson  April 5, 2020 at 3:23 pm

      Bless you Chris for taking the Road less traveled! I just came upon this website from the Women’s conference with Dr. Barbara and listened to Teresa’s testimony on this beautiful Palm Sunday 2020 during the Corona virus stay at home orders. Praying to also be an upstream swimmer against the world, the flesh, and the devil. Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!


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