In John Chapter 5, there is a great story about how Jesus healed a man that had been lamed for thirty-eight years. He was stuck in a situation for thirty-eight years because no one was there to push him into the pool of Bethesda where he could have been healed of his infirmity. Instead of wiggling his way into the pool, he continued day after day, looking at his mess, and depending on others to change the situation for him, when he had the answer right there in front of him. So today’s word is, “wiggle, do something, but pick up your mess and move on.” It took Jesus to come to this man and ask him, “Do you really want to get well?” Jesus actually was amazed, that this lame man, allowed himself to stay in that situation when he could have changed his circumstances with just a little wiggle, just a little effort, and the lame man could have gotten into that pool and be healed. In our lives it is like that so often, we are so close to our victory, so close to the answer, but instead of wiggling and putting ourselves into the pool, or into God’s plan for us, we lay there and feel sorry for ourselves, expecting someone else to do it for us. God has given us the answer, it’s found in Him, so today let’s wiggle and do what Jesus told the man to do, “pick up your mess and walk and move on from here!” So today I am picking up my mess and making it a message of God’s grace and power in my life. Because when we look to Him for all the answers we are “Forever Changed by God’s Transforming Power!

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