Forever Changed is a book that the Lord prompted me to write. It is a true story about how the Lord set me free from eighteen years addicted to drugs and alcohol. Arrested seven times and looking at forty years in prison.  It’s an amazing story of how God can take nothing and turn it into something.

Forever Changed is a book of reflections of God’s goodness, His grace and mercy, and His power to transform a life of destruction into a life of victory and freedom.

Here is just a glimpse:

Chapter One: Reflections
How do you begin to tell a story that seems so unreal now? I have been forever changed and when looking back I have to ask myself if this is even the truth.  If it weren’t for mug shots I would seriously question whether I just had a bad dream about someone else.  It has been over seventeen years since my last drug or drunk, my last attempt to kill myself and my last trip in the back seat of a cop car, or riding on a prison bus to a new home known as an “Institution” somewhere in Florida.

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