Brokenness defined is a fracture or disorder, it means to be forcibly separated into two or more pieces. In the natural meaning it is harsh, and doesn’t seem to be something we want to happen in our life.  In the spirit though, the definition of brokenness is much different.  Some might call it surrender, or even consecration. Brokenness will produce surrender or consecration to the Lord, if the person will allow it too.

Brokenness, if allowed, sets the stage for transformation. The Spirit of God will use your brokenness as entry into our lives to begin the healing process. Unfortunately, too many of us don’t allow this process to occur. We run the wrong direction toward other avenues to numb the pain, either by drugs, alcohol, food, people, work, etc. When we do this we actually start producing more brokenness and pain in our lives, instead of the freedom that God is trying to produce in us, through this brokenness.

The Bible states, “Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it will not live.”  It is not the shell around the seed that causes life, but what is in the shell. The seed inside must be exposed, and death must occur for the seed to begin the true growth process that produces the harvest.  Does it hurt for the seed and shell to die? Well of course, but when that seed goes through the broken period, and allows the process that the brokenness is causing, the seed becomes what it was really suppose to be from the start, and produces the huge harvest.

Another example of the brokenness is the caterpillar, it crawls in the dirt and on the ground where it is abused and mistreated. It’s limited and it is not functioning in the capacity it was intended to be from the foundation of the world.  So what does it do, it looks up! The caterpillar knows that there is something more than dirt and despair, so it starts climbing up the tree and then finds it’s place on higher ground. The caterpillar  begins to die and to break, believing that something has to be better then dirt.  After the brokenness period, he breaks forth, and becomes what he was truly made to be.  A butterfly that is free to go where the wind takes him.

Brokenness before God will bring the wings you need to fly where the Lord wants to take you. Don’t be afraid of the pain, embrace it and let the Spirit of God do His work in you. He didn’t bring the storm, but He will use it to make you better and produce the person you truly are from the beginning.

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  • Jennifer  February 11, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    I turned on the TV to Joni’s Table Talk and I caught the very tail end of your visit on the show. I wrote down your website and looked at what you are doing. I have read this story and the words are almost exactly what is going on in my head and heart. I know that I need to break the habits that damage me and to do the “work” to move forward in life and love.
    Your words, ” Don’t be afraid of the pain, embrace it and let the Spirit of God do His work in you.” I never thought of embracing the pain. But it is true
    Thank you for this post and all that you do.


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